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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  October 11, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc world news america." funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation. newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good. kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and aruba tourism authority. >> planning a vacation escape that is relaxing, inviting, and exciting is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families, couples, and friends can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny days, cooling tradewinds, and the
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crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at >> and now, bbc "world news america." katty: this is "bbc world news america." reporting from washington, i am katty kay. with hisump is at war own party. he says the shackles are often taken by this campaign his way. stocks of samsung tumble after they stop the reduction of the galaxy note 7 because of safety concerns. a chance discovery by photographer's son of truman capote.
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katty: welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. in four weeks americans will vote in their presidential election, making the fact that donald trump is waging the war on his own republican party all the more remarkable. the subject of his anger was paul ryan, the most senior elected republican in the country. donald trump is furious that paul ryan will not campaign for him. jon sopel has our coverage. jon: you know when donald trump is in a rage, it is never a they come as a torrent. he took a mac paul ryan calling him weak and ineffective. senator mccain, who abandoned trump, is described as foul mouth.
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they come at you from all sides, and democrats have always proven to be far more loyal to each other than republicans. most significantly, this. it is so nice the shackles have been taken off of me and i can fight for america the way that i want to. in other words, donald trump is in effect running as an independent, the outsider taking on the political establishment. the years be music to of these protesters outside the republican protesters, serious at the way their man is being treated. recommitted toey the donald trump campaign, but actions speak louder than words. they have made a lot of promises to the trump campaign. dozens of lawmakers have abandoned donald trump because they do not think he can win,, but the grassroots are loyal.
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vote democrat in senate and house races to punish those that have been disloyal. not only is the presidency at risk, but potentially control of congress too. the republican party's perfect storm. democrats are feeling more confident. bill clinton said the american people have a clear choice. >> do you want change that builds on the good things happening and makes more good things happen, or do you want to go back to trickle down economics and divided politics? jon: what will trump unshackled look like? maybe this attack ad is a clue. >> hillary clinton doesn't have the strength or stamina to lead in our world. jon: this campaign has been ugly and seems set to be even nastier still. katty: for more on the fight in
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the party i spoke with former republican congressman rob walker, who served as part of the leadership. bob, what is going on in your party? is difficult days for the party, but everyone there needs to be some humility. i was with paul ryan in pennsylvania last thursday. he said it is important or congress to have a president that will sign into law the things they are campaigning on this year. it willrump has to know not serve his presidency well should he be elected not to have a republican congress working with him. katty: the videotape came out on friday. paul ryan ditched donald trump on monday. do you agree with paul ryan that the race for the presidency is a
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lost cause and it is time to focus on congress? >> i do not think that is what paul is saying. what he said was he would spend his time at this juncture campaigning for his troops. that is a reasonable position on his part. he is the leader of the house republicans. he needs to help them get elected. that is what he was in pennsylvania doing. katty: do you think that donald trump can win the presidency? >> he has an uphill fight because he has self-inflicted wounds. he was doing well until a week ago. some realmself problems. he has not responded well with to the other side's attacks. i learned a long time ago you are not in this business unless you have a thick skin. you have to be able to push
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aside those things when people attack you and move on with your campaign. katty: taking on the republican establishment and leadership, does it make political sense to you? >> it is dividing the party at a time when the party has to be united. behind in registration in a lot of battleground states. you have to have a united party and build off of that. the disappointment for many people is this is a point in the campaign where donald trump should be building a coalition, rather than appealing to the people who are already there and stabilizing them. katty: you have been covering and a part of american politics for a long time, 50-years. have you ever seen anything like this? >> never seen anything like this. this year has been a bizarre year in american politics.
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we are changing as a culture, as a nation. there are many things happening that go beyond politics. we are saying that impact politics in a substantive way. katty: former congressman bob walker, thank you for joining me. donald trump is the consequence of big shifts in the country. president of haiti once the country risks a famine after hurricane matthew left what he calls apocalyptic destruction. the loss of life and infrastructure has been massive, but political right construction -- political reconstruction of haiti must be kept on track. matthew killed 900 people there. 26 were injured during the attack on a kabul shrine. it was packed with people marking a day of mourning in the
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shia calendar. thei fundamentalists, like taliban, believe that she is our -- walking plans to hold a referendum on whether to allow gay marriage arguing parliament should make the decision. labor reports gay marriage, but says the referendum would cause a public debate that could harm gay or lesbians people. australia is one of the few rich nations that ban same-sex marriages. samsung watched shares plummet after it permanently halted production of the galaxy note 7 smartphone. this told retailers to stop selling the device. recall 2.5the firm million phones because of reports of the phone catching fire. the same fault is in the replacements. our correspondent has the story. reporter: it was the latest
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version of samsung's giant smartphone and it won rave reviews, but then this happened. in a fast food restaurant in south korea a phone is on fire, one of several incidents in 10-days. these involve replacement note 7 's, sent out after the first overheating issues. samsung is admitting defeat, halting production and sales. customers are told to turn them off and return them. this man was disappointed. >> i pre-ordered the note 7 in mid-september. i got it the day it came out. hone.ed the p i was told to send it back. i got my replacement. i loved it. i was heartbroken to hand it back. reporter: samsung wrote ground with the note proving there was
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an appetite for bigger phones. now it is clear that the note 7 is not coming back. the company will concentrate on limiting the damage to its brand. as investorsharply worried the reputation of its other products may suffer. respected as being technologically excellent. trust is basic damaged, that is what you need to recover from. that will be the test if they can recover the value. incident isile this the most serious so far, samsung is not alone seeing cell phone batteries overheat. computerse powerful
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and use a lot of energy to make those things work. the energy can be dangerous if it is released quickly. from our we want more phones. as samsung has found, the one thing we demand above all others is that they are safe. bbc news. katty: for what this means for samsung i am joined by the founder of yahoo! tech. how much damage has this done to the company? >> a lot. the process has been a train wreck. consumers do not know if any samsung phone is ok. it is just the note 7. the galaxy s7 is fine. in the short term it is a nightmare. it will be like any other exploding product. nto, who talks about that anymore?
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katty: would you recommend samsung made the announcement it did today? >> yes. this is an extreme, complete response. probably a greater one than is technically necessary. the number of exploding phones is very small, but samsung appreciates the fear in the consumer's mind, "maybe mine is the one." over this isto get to recall everything and make sure there is no possibility of worry. this complete move is the right one. katty: the problem is people, like myself, who are not massively tech savvy, there is the risk that i will hear the word samsung attached to a smart phone and i will think, exploding battery. >> that will remain a problem.
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those are saying, probably correctly, that there will not be a note 8 or note9 for that reason. that whole line is not coming back. all they are our bigger smartphones than the s7, more like an iphone plus. all samsung will do is release bigger phones under another name. in terms of, is any samsung phone going to be dangerous, over time education and advertising will overcome that. battle between apple and samsung, how does this play out for the two companies? the holidays are coming up soon. >> that battle is how this happened. samsung new that apple was coming out with the iphone seven in september. they rushed the note 7 to come out in august to beat apple. corners might have been cut. in the short term, this is a huge win for apple, a black eye
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for samsung. the holidays will not be pretty for samsung. but, all things will heal. katty: no one was excited for the iphone seven when it came out. >> true, but there is the eternal desire for the latest and greatest. billion of people stood in line to buy them. there will be a lot of iphone seven's under the tree this year. katty: on the bigger issue about the problem is our problem. we are asking for too much from too little of the gadget and the battery cannot cope. >> by coincidence, i'm filming a special on batteries for nova on cbs. it turns out that every lithium-ion battery is filled with an explosive electrolyte.
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every single one. every lithium ion battery is battery that is charged beyond its limit will burst into fire. it was not the batteries in the samsung note. they swapped to a different kind. that exploded, too. it is the controller. the circuitry that keeps it from overcharging and bursting.this was a technical glitch more than a chemical one. leave it have to there. i'm not sure that i'm terribly reassured. still to come, trying to help thousands that have fallen victim to human trafficking. we are in romania, one of the countries that fuels this trade. the duchess of cambridge made her first solo overseas trip she went to the netherlands for a day of engagement which included
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discussions on mental health and visiting old masters. it came after theresa may was in the netherlands to discuss brexit with her dutch counterpart. his report does contain some flash photography images. reporter: going solo abroad for the first time, the duchess of moreidge on an issue of than usual significance. it is a moment when britain needs friendships in europe. the dutchlinks with goes back decades. the image was european countries with shared history and interest. not the least of which is a huge expo market. no one was crude enough to mention the word "brexit." politicians.
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theresa may was here canvassing support from the dutch prime minister. she visited the royal gallery to the paintings, including "the girl with the pearl earring." it was demonstrating the art of soft diplomacy. visiting an art gallery may not be demanding, but the importance of a visit like this should not be underestimated. members of the royal family do do do politics, but they diplomacy of the soft variety, imageing britain's abroad. visits like this have a new significance. catherine led the way in the netherlands. the rest of europe beckons. on wednesday, the british
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prime minister theresa may is expected to highlight the problem of modern slavery in a .peech at westminster abbey thousands are being trafficked in the uk. most come from a handful of countries, like romania, where sex trafficking is widespread. 26.rter: in a women's shelter in bucharest, she is trying to rebuild her life. looking on is her baby grow, father by her last trafficker. she was trafficked three times around europe. when crossing the border, i had a gun to my head and they told me to give them the id and smile. in the mornings and afternoons i would have 15 clients. in the evening they would bring another 20. in the end a client,
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wracked with guilt, helped her to escape. many of the victims of trafficking come from remote villages. bucharest appear stuck in a bygone era. many houses do not have running water. traffickers targeted this place. the british woman who runs a community center says a girl goes missing every month. >> the girls get involved with a lover boy. most are young, vulnerable teenagers who fall in love with older guys.sually the girls are attracted by the mercedes they drive around in. toorter: she was trafficked germany for prostitution. with her life on track she has come to the community center to warn the local kids of dangers. >> do not trust the guys.
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reporter: making the village teenagers think twice. a village like bucharest struggles to offer jobs and opportunities they may want in the 21st century. the traffickers act like real life pied piper's. we went to a jail an hour north of bucharest to meet a man who trafficked women and grows to italy for five years who claims he did not use force. >> i do not know if it was exploitation, but if the girl agrees, i do not think it is exploitation. reporter: how would you feel if it was your sister or daughter being trafficked? >> you do not think it is someone's. or, you think you have to make -- someone's daughter, you think you have to make money.
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reporter: would you do it again? >> yes. reporter: why? >> after all i have done, they have taken everything from me. i have to start again. i would do it all again. reporter: in bucharest, the worry is another three girls may be gone by christmas. some may go willingly to escape poverty, but the life that awaits them, no one could knowingly wish for it. bbc news, eastern romania. katty: the scourge of human trafficking today. for fans of photography, the work of david attie is instantly recognizable. uncovered images from a shoot with truman capote that had never been seen. they are on display at the
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brooklyn historical society. he spoke about the find and his father's work. >> i started digging through dusty wooden boxes with my father's negatives, exactly as he left them. i found an envelope that said "holiday capote." i did not know he had anything to do with capote. it was only 12-14 images. i had them printed. hit theit -- my jaw floor. i thought they were amazing photographs that were never published. he liked the work my father had done for "breakfast at tiffany's." it was my guess that it was capote that said let's use david attie. he did these amazing portraits
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in brooklyn heights. he showed him the places he liked to go. they only used 4 pictures from the shoot, people on the street in brooklyn heights. none of capote. it was stuck in envelopes and shoved in a closet. even though the essay has been reprinted, the photographs were gone. i felt they were pictures of brooklyn taken by someone who knew and cared about brooklyn. rockland captured by a son of brooklyn. there is tenderness in the view in the way that he shows the children on the street, old couples on stoops, guys outside of the civic club. it is an affectionate portrait of that time. there is nothing for your mistake. you get a -- there is nothing ristic.istake -- voyeu
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he was a very warm and social person. he brought that to his work. i think he was trying to do photo montages and doctored images which may have been more cutting edge at the time. i do not think he trusted his eye is a narrative photographer. being seen andis appreciated, i feel like i understand his process and frailty in a way i never thought about as a kid. what is great about the brooklyn historical society show is that it does not only have vintage prints of my father's and newly printed images. s it as the historic body of work that i think it is. it started with a google search when little popped up. i felt he was a great artist. i wanted people to see his work come the love it, and think he was great.
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katty: eli attie remembering his dad. i am katty kay. thank you for watching "bbc world news america." >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation. newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good. kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and aruba tourism authority. >> planning a vacation escape that is relaxing, inviting, and exciting is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families, couples, and friends can all find their escape on the
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island with warm sunny days, cooling tradewinds, and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at >> bbc world news was presented by kcet los angeles.
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